Naked body of missing California woman found in Arizona desert News from Mexico

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Amanda Neniger, 26, was last seen in California on February 28; Her lifeless body was found naked in the Arizona desert around 7:30 pm last Friday.

Naked body of missing California woman found in Arizona desert

United States.— The naked body Amanda NenigerThere was a woman from California Found in the Arizona desert It was more than a month after her disappearance, when her car went off the road and she made the call 911 which went to the operator in the wrong position.

From Amanda Nenniger 26 yearsShe was last seen in Blyth, California on February 28, and her body was reportedly found near Cibola last Friday around 7:30 p.m. AZ family.

His body was found about 2.4 kilometers from where his car was found more than three weeks ago.

This La Paz County Sheriff’s Office announced that The alleged culprits have been identified and may be arrested soon.. An autopsy is underway to determine the official cause of death.

He called 911, but an operator from another state answered

After Neniger called 911 for help, her car went off the road. However, his call went to an operator in California, not Arizona, apparently Officials’ response was delayedgives information NY Post.

Nennigar’s vehicle was abandoned in a remote desert area She is believed to have become helpless after about nine days, near Cibola. The rear of the vehicle was On a big rockWhich raised doubts among the officials.

Sheriff William Pons Neniger expressed his frustration at the delay in locating him and noted that, had he received the 911 information earlier, They could have found her alive.

Had the case been handled better, the girl could have survived.

Neniger’s sister expressed her frustration with the way the case was handled, Blame the operator for not transferring the call to Arizona authorities Although Neniger gave its exact location.

Neniger’s family released a statement thanking everyone who helped with the search. They lamented their loss and They asked for privacy as they mourned his death And prepare for the coming days.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office told PEOPLE Do not call for updates on the investigation And promised to provide updates through appropriate news channels and its contact page. Facebook.

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