Miscellaneous/Justice – Cape Course: Toward the takeover of Misinku Hotel

This is probably the conclusion of a long legal dramaHotel Misincu. The decision came on Tuesday, April 2: Bastia Commercial Court Ordered the total transfer of assets of the company owning this five-star hotel establishment, Located in Cagnano on the Cape CourseAnd closed from September 24, 2023 due to major financial difficulties.

The court had the option of opting for auction of This set of 29 rooms and seven villas with a swimming pool spread over 22 hectares, or to appoint one of the four buyers who have offered to buy the establishment, which had previously been placed in receivership. Ultimately, it was the second option that prevailed. The Commercial Court accepted the offer presented Four partners formed around Jean-François Santini, a contractor specializing in building, originally from Pinu. Cepac de Marseille, the receiver of the company, through its investment fund, concluded an agreement for the benefit of the buyers.

“Want to revive this place”

“For this emblematic establishment of the Cape Course, it is a story of men and loveThis is believed to be a source close to the matter. There is a real desire from buyers to revitalize this place.”

JUDGMENT OF COMMERCIAL COURTthat Corsica-morning The consultation, suggests that several commitments have been made not only about restarting the company’s three employees but also about the demolition and restoration work of the premises.

requested by us, m Ellen Giddy, the buyers’ lawyer, did not want to comment at this stage. But, in total, those involved in the case cite a near sum Five million eurosUndertaking repair work on or relating to multiple defects, including the acquisition of a hotel Misinku’s judicial conviction. In a ruling in November 2019, the Bastia Criminal Court condemned SAS, which in fact operates this luxury establishment, for demolishing several buildings constructed without building permits.

According to the prosecution’s demands, the magistrate ordered the demolition of a building that served as a spa and another as a children’s club. The demolition was to be done in six months. Failing this, owners were liable to fines 200 euros per day From that date. The company was also ordered 150,000 euro fine50,000 including suspended sentences.

Protracted legal battles

This is not the first conviction made in view of the establishment of this hotel. In 2017, Misinku Estate had already hit the headlines due to a legal battle between it and an environmental organization. U Levante. Case in point: a shack-restaurant built by the sea, on Cagnano Beach.

The fact that this futuristic recovery suggests a new future for this luxury hotel rebuilt in 2017 on the old site. Caribou. Although it will not reopen its doors for the tourist season which is already starting, the new owners intend to refloat the hotel in the coming months. They are counting on it Reopening for the 2025 season.

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