Minecraft: Poison Potato Update

Imagine that you are a potatoes. Next, imagine that you are the less-loved potato sibling, who has failed to inherit the delicious looks of your other family members. Worse, you’re faced with an impossible decision: What to do with all that starch? Since neither fries nor sweet potatoes suit you, you are left with only one option. Congratulations, you are the one Poisonous potatoes.

Over the years, Minecraft’s poisonous tubers have been overlooked and underappreciated, lacking both purpose and utility. Over the years, the community has tried to bring this to light, working tirelessly and urging Mojang Studios to improve these features. As of today, these worries are a thing of the past.

there Poisonous Potato Update, is the mashest update yet. It will add so much functionality to the poison potato that even potato haters will become die-hard fans. Updated full of carbs and features!

In the future, Mojang Studio also plans updates around Radioactive rice And Poisonous buckwheat.

Additions and changes

  • No Poisonous potatoes – Lots of poisoned potatoes! (Some great potatoes too)
  • Adding dimension of Poisonous potatoes.
    • All types of land potatoes.
    • 5 trendy biomes include: fields, Hash, Arboretum, CorruptionAnd waste land.
    • Let us teach you about the life of a potato – from its harvest as a raw potato, through the cooked potato, to its final decomposition.
    • with local weather effects Mashed potatoes.
  • Added a whole bunch New Peeling Blocks rich in Vitamin Cin Vitamin B6 and in Niacin !
  • No new mineral blocks have been added. There is no need for it! Blocks contain minerals: Potassium, magnesium And Iron !
  • added Frying table – Everyone asked for it, so it was added. It allows you to fry potatoes. This is a very cool prototype!
  • Finally a feature has been added Archery table
    • It now allows toxic resins to be converted into more refined versions of resins.
  • Adding that Peel potatoes.
  • addingImpurities Because purity is too much.
  • Added a bunch of new gadgets that will allow the game Poisonous potatoes To move up a gear!
  • All beings are now Poisonous potatoes.
    • Additional addition of Potato Bat.


  • Flux capacitor integration is now synchronized with quantum voxelization, allowing RTX spectrum acceleration in real time for multi-box nightshade terrain rendering, while optimizing synchronization of transdimensional entities for Vitellot experiments -King Edwards-Russell Bersless!

Official Prospectus:

Downloading Snapshot 24w14 potatoes Update

Poisonous potatoes can poison and to bribe Be sure to always back up your world!

  • Your launch Minecraft Launcher And click in the top tab settings. (see picture)
  • Then check the box snapshot. This will appear directly as a new profile. (see picture)
  • Launch a snapshot profile and enjoy the latest news. (see picture)

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