Minecraft players are calling the copper block the “favorite child” of the game

Mojang Studios recently introduced a variety of new copper blocks to Minecraft that will be coming to the game with the 1.21 update. There were many people in the playerbase complaining about the lack of features and blocks in Copper, this was a welcome change. However, they are now discussing how other Earth minerals should also yield more craftable blocks.

Recently, Redditor u/AshtinEverNight posted an image comparing different copper blocks made from iron, gold, netherite, and redstone. This was mainly to show that other earth minerals lack diversity, especially when it comes to building blocks.

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The Redditor laid aside all sorts of copper blocks, including new copper doors, trapdoors, bulbs, chiseled slabs, and stairs. On the other side, a few iron blocks, a gold block, a gold pressure plate, a natherite block and a redstone block were placed. They also wrote that the new copper blocks are “Minecraft’s darling child” because they get everyone’s attention.

Redditors discuss the diversity of the new copper blocks compared to other Minecraft minerals

Copper is going to get loads of new blocks in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update. As a result, the post attracted a lot of attention, receiving more than 6k upvotes and tons of comments in a day. Players debated whether or not Mojang Studios should add more building blocks for the variety of copper blocks and different earth minerals.

A Redditor named u/Luutamo sarcastically agreed that the post had a good point and hilariously suggested that the developers add copper pressure plates as well, making the list of new copper blocks in Minecraft even longer.

Since the original poster also added a block of Netherite in comparison, u/Heavy_Swordfish_56 talked about how expensive and difficult it would be to make other Netherite blocks in the game. u/AshtinEverNight claimed that it would be the greatest flex for making Netherite building blocks.

Several Redditors, including u/PepeArown-, discussed how the original poster left out many blocks and items that could be made using iron and stated that it has ample use in Minecraft. u/Ja3kFrost and u/brjder mentioned that the game should have more gold usage.

A few initially criticized and blamed the community for asking for more copper-related features but later complained that Mojang Studios was not focusing on other earth materials.

Overall, many in the game’s community discussed the future variety of copper blocks and whether or not other earth materials should also be craftable into new blocks. The post continues to gather views, upvotes and comments as it is an interesting topic to study.

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