Major new features of the update

Android 15 comes with a new update full of surprises. To prepare you, we’re revealing everything we know to keep you in suspense until its launch!

The next major version of Google’s operating system, Android 15, is gearing up to dazzle its users. Bringing together numerous features, this update promises to satisfy more than one. Bug fixes, optimizations and new functions, we announce the main new features that will affect the mobile operating system.

Android 15, an update that promises!

The giant leap Google is about to take is slowly coming to fruition. For the moment, no official launch date has been announced. As for the first beta version of Android 15, it will happen this April. Gradually accessible to the public, it is further converted to its stable version.

As for the second beta, this is scheduled for May. Indeed, this version comes in the same month as Google I/O 2024. This time of the year is when the firm prepares to test and unveil numerous features on the future version of the OS. However, for the deployment of the stable version of Android 15, you will have to wait until summer.

For this new update, currently the only compatible smartphones are from the tech giant. That’s a question Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Fold.

What’s new in Android 15?

Google is developing a brand new version of its operating system with some very interesting new features.

Satellite connection

Messaging apps on Android 15 will be able to take advantage of a brand new API. In fact, they will be able to “Detect when a device is connected to a satellite, allowing them to better understand why full network services may be unavailable», firm report. You should know that pre-installed messaging applications will be the only ones that can use these functions in this type of situation.

With its DP2, Android takes a step further in the use of satellite connections. With a clear indicator in the status bar, the interface adds a variety of notifications that warn that the network has automatically switched.

PDF on Android 15

Android 15 will make it easier to access PDF files on apps. You’ll also be able to open password-protected files, make annotations on documents, fill out forms, and use search functions. By redesigning PDFRenderer, Google managed to unlock these new features. In other words, updates will no longer be linked to the version of Android installed on the phone.

A folding flip smartphone

Flip clamshell formats are to be improved. Android 15 includes a feature that will help developers offer their apps on smaller screens. Indeed, thanks to this update, you will no longer need tools to force the display of applications on external screens.

Better utilization of equipment

At the moment, everything is still unclear. However, Google said it wants to satisfy developers. For example, they can benefit from smartphone hardware. Between increasing flash intensity, using AI capabilities or even adjusting GPU and CPU frequencies for applications that use the camera, Google is gearing up to hit hard.

Health Connect

On the health side, Android 15 hasn’t said its last word. The Mountain View Firm promises “Support for new types of data around fitness, nutrition and more

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