LoL: New leader and first win on stage, big winners at LFL Days in Nice

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The LFL days There’s always something special for even the most seasoned in the scene. The pressure of the stage is not always easy to control, especially the French fans who make a lot of noise. If some are galvanized by noise, flames and challenges, others drink from the cup and tend to become paralyzed. This is also what makes the beauty of these events and makes the competition more palatable.

Last week, the Nicaea Palace were boiling with excitement and we’re not just talking about the performance Grimkuzhov. We were treated to 10 high-level matches which now allow us to see the rankings more clearly. Dynamics are going well and 3 teams Emerging from these LFL days in Nice.

Gentle fellows: a reference week at last

The Gentle fellows Arrived in the LFL with big ambitions. Many envied the quality of his roster and the team often placed very well in the pre-season rankings. But despite the expectations, the community still had some trouble getting excited… M8 alternated between good and not so good, sometimes in the same week of competition. The content of the matches was also not entirely convincing with the wins being slow and a bit messy at times. It was enough for the adversaries to unleash themselves on the network.

But there will be a nice before and after. In addition to having a great week 2-0 For its first LFL days, the Gentle Mets experienced two days that promised to be established on many levels. First off with a clean and flawless victory against Carmine Corp Blue during the match of the week. The players mastered their subject perfectly with 3 winning routes and an impressive draft. Ika Was also able to go out Hwy, while Ragnar enjoyed top-gliding with Fiora. We can talk about Stomp and Vijay models for M8. But what happened in the stands also deserves a few words. We really didn’t know what to expect with this one Green suits, new to the League of Legends scene. But the ultras of the structure rallied and held out despite their numerical inferiority against them Blue Wall. Obviously there is still a long way to go before we hope to equalize in terms of decibels, but this is a very encouraging first for the future.

BK Rogue: They are the leaders!

BK ROG In France and not the most popular structure in the stands, the team’s fans remained rather discreet… but beware! When we look at the current LFL rankings, it is this team that sits alone at the top. BK ROG made a good trip to Nice by stringing together two new wins (streak of 4) against Gameword and Solari. Taking advantage of KCB’s two losses, here it is Chocolate And his teammates on the first step of the podium. It is almost paradoxical to know that BKR’s two defeats were conceded against two direct rivals (KCB and M8). But in the championship you have to be consistent and for the moment, BK ROG shows itself to be unbeatable against the “little guys”. It’s not necessarily super sexy, but it’s devilishly effective.

Two players caught our attention in Nice in the team. is the first 113, a well-known jungler in the French community. Turks like aggression, sometimes too much. But lately he just plays… even when he has to go out Maokai ! 0/0/16 against Solari and 2/1/10 against Gameward, 113 in oven and mill. The meta doesn’t allow him to be on Lee Sin right now, but 113 has matured and seems a lot less predictable than before. Another player to impress was the Korean Hans Smd. Its first few weeks were a bit mediocre, but ADC found its place in the collective. 9/3/4 and especially 5/0/8… he finally has stats worthy of his reputation. BK ROG is a team to watch and for the moment, everything is going well for them.

BDS Academy: Realizing the Potential

Nice are the third and last team to lose 2-0 in a week BDSA. At the start of the season, some bet big on this team, highlighting its potential. To be completely transparent, we had some doubts and we put this composition slightly below the other headliners. But after 4 weeks of competition, it’s clear that BDS Academy is keeping pace and hanging on to the lead. Mentally, we were pleasantly surprised by the players, who used their reserves to win against KCB. The match lasted over 46 minutes and you had to have a strong heart. Riker Out of nowhere has once again answered a Comma Worthy of the greatest in the late-game. All the lights are green and even if there are still many things to improve in the game, the mentality of the team is good to see. The players responded well to our doubts and slowly the team is developing in the right direction.

We also want to highlight the shadow role of Paras. Support’s talent shines through the screen and if his name speaks less than his teammates on the European scene, since the start of the year he has continued. Solid performance.

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