This The Last of Us 2 player shares the “weirdest detail” he’s ever discovered, and it’s surprising fans of the game!

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The Remaster of The Last of Us Part II has just been released, and fans are absolutely delighted to (re)discover the adventures of Ellie, Joel and Abby in HD version. So players shared new jokes on social networks, and this user became interested in the community. He saw an interesting exchange between the Seraphites…

A curious discovery among the Seraphites

In a post on the social network Reddit, the user stuff_nuggets Chinatown reveals his strange invention during a meeting with a sniper. Two Seraphites discuss their experiences. One of them is a newcomer and explains that this is the first time he has been away from Heaven, a gathering place for these people with new beliefs. An interesting detail, this anecdote can be told by one or the other characters. This is a secondary (or even tertiary) conversation of the game, and yet the Naughty Dog teams seem to have taken care. To record two (identical) lines of dialogue by the voice actors of these Seraphites.

During the “”Chinatown Sniper”” encounter, you can hear two Seraphites talking, one male and one female. One of the Seraphites makes a new appearance, mentioning that he’s never been this far from Heaven, while “the other seems to be. Be experienced. The strange thing is that a male or female seraphite can answer a beginner or an experienced person. In other words, the same words can be spoken by a male or female seraphite. To trigger the reading of a line in relation to another, follow one of the two pairs of seraphites (male and female) who detach themselves from the building at the beginning of the encounter.”

Stuff_Nugget via Reddit

The community notes interesting details

In the comments of the Reddit post, fans are shocked by the level of detail in Naughty Dog’s creation. Some suggest that these are AI-generated voices, and that the voice actors do not need to record multiple lines of the same dialogue, but there is no evidence to support this theory. It is more likely that these characters were actually played by actors. We know about the studio’s interest in realism and the immersion of its players.

One user points out another interesting detail, ie Seraphites call their mate by a different name each time In the opening dialogue. Not only that, if players kill the Seraphite they were talking to, it will shout out the same name it mentioned in the opening dialogue. Impressive!

“Another interesting thing is that the Seraphite’s name in the opening dialogue is different every time. They always say “Nam, you are coming with me. You two go to the other side” or something like that. I think with the dialogue where the name is embedded, the name would be the same every time, but it’s not. If someone sees you kill the Seraphite, is he talking? So, that’s it. shouts the name that was in the opening dialogue.”

yoko_OH_NO via Reddit

For the secondary dialogue, the Naughty Dog teams recorded several lines of dialogue, assigned names to the characters, and depending on the player’s actions, they would face a different Seraphite. We appreciate (once again) these details that make the game so immersive!

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