Kylian Mbappé’s behavior has already alarmed Real Madrid and Spain

Kylian Mbappé is not (yet) a Real Madrid player. But they are almost all the same. Every day, the Spanish media multiply articles about him and do not miss a single part of his performances, whether with the French team or in Paris Saint-Germain. And during Bondinois’ last three outings, Iberian journalists haven’t had much to chew on. Facing Germany and Chile in the qualifiers, he made it through. Same thing on Sunday evening during his last classic. Less motivated, KM7 did not emphasize the match, not shooting once on goal. On the other hand, the French star, whose attitude has been diverged, provided ample fodder for the Iberian publications in the coming days.

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Upset at being substituted in the 64th minute, the France team captain insulted and allegedly insulted Luis Enrique before returning to the locker room with Ousmane Dembele. Which was rejected by the coach. On the other hand, he continued to add fuel to the fire by publishing a strange post after the final whistle. Instagram. Here is a photo of her from behind with the armband in her hand. Some see it as a reference to his last OM-PSG. Another, a message sent to Luis Enrique. The latter, who refocused his players in the locker room, including Mbappé, kicked in front of the press. This new episode between the two men could leave its mark, especially since the KM7 clan believes that taking the coach out for his final classic was a lack of respect for the player.

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An attitude that gets people talking

Apparently, this topic caused ink to flow on the other side of the Pyrenees yesterday. A.S. When talking about “angry Mbappé”. Brand Mentioned “A controversial change“. For his part, the trains A bit more spicy and was mentioned “Last and boring chapter Mbappé-Luis Enrique: 64 changes, angry face and locker room.” In the Catalan press, Sports Back to the attitude of KM7, who doesn’t like to change. This Tuesday, the Mbappé case is still being talked about in Spain, where we are inevitably asking questions a few months before his arrival in the Merengues. Contacted by us, Juan Carlos Navarro, journalist for fichajes.comThe 25-year-old is confused without being surprised by the whimsy.

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“I think Mbappé is working as expected. He is a very proud player and does not easily accept being substituted or dropped during a match. Let’s just say it doesn’t surprise me. Looking to the future, it remains to be seen how he will fit into the Real Madrid dressing room, which is currently very quiet. Regarding its attitude, it does not pose any problem at the moment. Mbappé is not yet at Real Madrid. In Spain, we think he will have a tough time at PSG until the end of the season. We don’t talk much about this topic. People find it normal that he has these clashes with Luis Enrique, as he will leave the team at the end of the season.

A headache for Ancelotti and Real Madrid

It pursues: “The most talked about here is how Ancelotti will manage a team with so many stars and whether leaving one of them on the bench could be a problem (…) Rodrigo L’ said on Sunday, he is calm And he’s not afraid of competition. . Not even the KM7. But he will have to accept living with intense competition and maybe playing a little less at times. Which, we know, is complicated for him to accept. But some understand it, such as Andres Onrubia, a journalist for A.S.. “I think his departure from PSG is more than confirmed. The club issued a press release on February 16.

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It adds: “Mbappe’s anger is justified, even though I can understand Luis Enrique’s decisions. He has a cup semi-final on Wednesday and will have to prepare the team to get used to playing without Mbappé since June. » Madrid will also have to get used to Bondinois. But not everyone is convinced by him, even after his behavior on Sunday. “Better not sign Mbappé”Even the title Brand In a rather bloody article. “Kylian Mbappé went from the best player in the world to the devil. When he arrives at Real Madrid, who have yet to see him in 14 European Cups, everything will be a problem. This is already the case for Luis Enrique as he knows he is not going to continue in Paris. That’s why he puts it out there, because he’s never done it before.

KM7 does not agree

Brand Continued: “And the little star makes her face. And she leaves the field without shaking her coach’s hand, goes to the shower during the classic and even posts an image on social networks. Without writing anything, this is where we saw it. When she Real Madrid That’s probably what will happen when he signs for. It will break the harmony of the locker room which is a family, the salary scale, the team and even the roof of the Bernabeu. It’s not practical to make room for him, it’s not necessary. He wants to play on the left and he has to come down. Also we have to roll out the red carpet for that. Vinicius must be moved and Rodrigo must get it into his head that he is going to play less. Or you have to remove someone who is defending to put them on the field. That is not a problem, He will sell your soul to the devil, as LaPorta has already warned

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The Iberian publication ends as follows: “With Mbappé, all the spotlight is on him, the team is unbalanced. And don’t let Sara Ancelotti think about taking him out, because he’ll make faces. Moreover, this Kylian is the one who betrayed the club years ago and cannot be forgotten. That he took it all as a joke and now wants to go to the Paris Games and mock the team that pays him so well. What problem will Madrid find with Mbappé? It wasn’t worth waiting so long. However, as you never know with Kylian, if Real don’t sign him he will be the best player in the world again and a blessing. Those who do not trust him will have this problem again. And Real Madrid would be less strong without the great Mbappé.

The Merengues are keeping a close eye on his condition

for its part, Sports Excited “Real Madrid worried by attacks on Mbappé.” Catalan media suggest: “Kylian Mbappé went from being the idol of the French fans to being heavily criticized by the French press after complaining about being substituted 60 minutes into PSG’s match in Marseille. When Luis Enrique decided to take him off, his displeasure came as his opponents brought out their cannons. And served to shoot the player anyway (…) The striker left something muttering that many people took exception to. Negative words are difficult though. Find out what he said. But the French press did not perform at their usual level. took the opportunity to criticize him for doing

Sports Continued: “There is some concern about the situation the player finds himself in at Real Madrid, who is expected to announce his contract with the white team at the end of the season with his current team. A related concern because they knew that sooner or later there would be a campaign in France for the player’s decision to quit and leave the league. The track record supports this concern, although the player was always respectful to his club, who eventually accepted his decision, albeit reluctantly. In Madrid they expressed their support and peace of mind, as they expected each other. They also think they took longer than expected, but once the decision to quit French football was irreversible, the media bombardment began. They think any detail is taken out of context and will remain so until he announces which team he will be playing for next season. Be it his playing time or his position, KM7 continues to set France and more broadly Spain and Madrid alight.

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