Kanye West Promotes “Vulture” With Original Ad At Super Bowl!

Kanye West is coming to the Super Bowl! While Usher hosts halftime, Ye manages to break in with an unlikely announcement

Super Bowl Surprise… in portrait format! While the commercials are some of the fan favorite moments during the show, Kanye West changed the game. He really published A selfie video to promote your brand. MCETV tells you more!

An absolutely crazy ad

because The USA was waiting for it : Finals between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. And if Taylor Swift’s boyfriend team won, fans’ eyes were focused on many other things. Like commercials and halftime.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Forbes, 44% of viewers watch the match. 19% for the halftime show… And 18% for ads! Advertisements each time unique and tailored to the event. An ad that Kanye West wanted to try.

Other than that “ye” doesn’t do anything like everyone else. Especially when it comes to Pay a lot of money for a very short appearance. Indeed, according to estimates posted online by Forward booking No guidelinesAdvertising costs explode all records.

A short 30-second “ad” COST… 6.47 MILLION DOLLARS! Advertisers faced a very small increase of 11% compared to last year. When he Now he sells his own shoesKanye West had to pay.

$6.47 million is expensive. Especially when we have Lost a very lucrative partnership with Adidas. So the rapper had to make do with the tools at hand… and thus released a never-before-seen ad in the middle of the Super Bowl. Anthology moment.

Kanye West arrives at the Super Bowl

Indeed, when the ads are funny, thoughtful, well shot… along comes the yay. First surprise, it comes in portrait format. Shoot a selfie on the phone, which is surprising. Especially since the artist made no effort.

Facing the camera, he begins his announcement… without much hesitation. “Since we spent the entire budget on ad placement costs, We no longer have a budget for advertising in himself » Yes, Kanye West hits hard.

Because an artist capable of rapping and memorizing dozens of songs doesn’t struggle that much. The artist, who ended up putting himself Part of the USA behind, had two goals. On the one hand, he may have lost his laugh to make fans. On the other hand, the Super Bowl prizes were mocked.

We can really doubt the rapper’s lack of credit. On the other hand, it is similar to criticizing the excessive thanks to Chandra’s advertisement. So it all goes out. “The idea is to go to my site,Buy shoes… and that’s it, actually, that’s it. »

A way, too, to promote the “vulture” project which he signed with TY Dolla $ign. Postponed twice to October 2023 and then to January, the project was released on 9 February. Before receiving a huge promo from Kanye West in the middle of the Super Bowl on the 11th!

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