Judge storms Las Vegas court after denying defendant parole

(CNN) — A Nevada judge was attacked inside the courtroom shortly after denying a defendant’s request for bail, Clark County District Court video shows.

Defendant Deobra Redden was in a Las Vegas courtroom Wednesday to hear her sentencing on a charge of attempted assault causing substantial bodily harm, Clark County courts said in a statement to CNN.

During the hearing, Redden and his attorney asked Judge Mary Kay Holthus for probation, arguing that the 30-year-old is trying to get his life back together with a new job and plans to resume his education.

Redden mentioned that he is working on his mental health issues and “trying to learn from my mistakes.”

Holthaus then read the defendant’s criminal history aloud to the court, which included “three felonies…misdemeanors, multiple DV (domestic violence)…theft, attempted home invasion.”

“Sir, you have a lot of background,” the judge told Redden.

Redden’s attorney told the judge he believed his client could successfully serve probation.

“I appreciate that,” the judge replied, “but I think it’s time for me to try something else because… I just can’t handle that background.”

Seconds later, Redden yelled, “I’ll b—k that!” and ran towards the judge, jumped on the bench and attacked him. Redden knocked Holthus to the ground and the two disappeared from view of the cameras behind the stands, the video shows.

When other members of the room tried to stop him, Redden yelled, “F— you both!” and threw several punches.

The judge remained on the ground for several minutes before getting up, apparently indicating that she had hit her head.

“Judge Holthus sustained some injuries and his condition is being monitored,” the court statement said.

An officer was also injured and taken to a local hospital, and is in stable condition, the court said.

“We appreciate the heroic actions of your staff, law enforcement and all others who subdued the defendant,” the court said. “We are reviewing all of our protocols and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public and our employees.”

CNN reached out to Redden’s attorney for a statement about the courtroom attack but did not immediately hear back.

According to court records, Redden is now charged with three counts of assault on a protected person and battery. He was expected to appear in court Thursday, but declined to be taken to his appointment, CNN affiliate KTNV reported. His next court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

CNN’s Jessica Flynn contributed to this report.

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