The driver crashed the vehicle into the FBI headquarters in Atlanta

Man crashes vehicle into FBI office in Atlanta

The FBI says a driver rammed a vehicle into the front door of its Atlanta office on Monday.

The federal agency said in an email The accident happened shortly after noon. FBI spokeswoman Jenna Sallitto said DeKalb County police took the driver to an Atlanta hospital for evaluation.

According to the first versions, the man tried to follow the official vehicle through the gate, but was stopped. Two other officers who were passing by then got out of their vehicle and detained him.

Two officers called DeKalb County police, who arrested the man, who has not been identified. Special Agent in Charge Pete Ellis said the suspect is not affiliated with the FBI.

After the crash, no injuries were reported.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Atlanta is investigating possible federal charges, he said.

Officers searched the vehicle “as a precaution,” the agency said. Video from the scene showed a red pickup truck with its hood stuck up against a retractable barrier just inside the front door. The vehicle was removed by a tow truck shortly before 4:00 pm.

When the suspect was detained, he did not resist or say anything or make any threats or statements.

The FBI said no further information was immediately available.

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