JK Rowling slams Scottish law against transphobic discrimination

  JK Rowling, here in March 2022, wrote a new transphobic post on social media this Monday, April 1.
Tolga Ekman / AFP JK Rowling, here in March 2022, wrote a new transphobic post on social media this Monday, April 1.

Tolga Ekman / AFP

JK Rowling, here in March 2022, wrote a new transphobic post on social media this Monday, April 1.

Transphobia – “ I can’t wait to get arrested. JK Rowling wrote a new transphobic post on social networks this Monday, April 1, in response to the implementation of laws aimed at combating incitement to hatred in Scotland, specifically against transgender people.

The new law strengthens existing legislation and expands the offense of inciting hatred, particularly to trans-identities. The new text does not affect women, but the Independence government has promised future dedicated legislation to combat the abuse.

JK Rowling dabbles in transphobia

On its first day of entry into force on Monday, critics of the law highlighted the dangers they believe it presents to freedom of expression. Assuming that JK Rowling was his spokesperson “The law leaves the door open to abuse by activists who want to silence those of us who speak out about the dangers of removing women-only spaces.”In a series of messages on X where she cites cases of transgender people convicted of raping or sexually assaulting women or girls.

“It is impossible to accurately describe or address the reality of violence and sexual violence against women (…) unless we have the right to call a man a man”Continued the Harry Potter author, who in recent years has spoken out so fiercely in favor of women’s rights, that she has sometimes opposed the cause of transgender activists.

Possible arrest?

“Freedom of speech and belief has ended in Scotland if biological sex is accurately described” Seen as a criminal offence, she added, the comments would be subject to arrest if they were considered under the new law.

As Franceinfo points out, JK Rowling’s anger comes after Minister Siobhan Brown’s announcement on the BBC this Monday morning. Asked about the fact that with this new law, a writer could be arrested because of his position, the minister replied: “ This can be reported and there can be investigation”. and added: “It is for the police to decide whether it is a crime. »

It’s been five years since the author, who has sold nearly 600 million books, succumbed to transphobia. In 2019, JK Rowling defended a woman who was fired for making transphobic comments. In 2020 she herself fell into transphobia sharing the article mentioned People who have periods ». ” I am sure we must have a word for these people. someone help me fire? Fame? Fimm? »she said sarcastically.

Scottish First Minister condemned “Invalid Information” Around this law

“very proud” About the text, Scottish Prime Minister Humza Yusuf said “Great confidence in the ability of Scottish police” To implement it “as it should be”Face express fear.

The Scottish leader has also repeatedly condemned it “Invalid Information” Which he believes reigns around this law, whose guarantees he highlights to protect freedom of expression and combat abusive practices.

In late 2022, the Scottish Parliament adopted legislation facilitating gender reassignment, which the British government blocked, first, citing particular risks. “Significant complications of creating a dual gender recognition regime within the UK”..

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