Internet users suspect that Brad Pitt underwent cosmetic surgery

If we often talk about cosmetic surgery in women, then in Hollywood, the most recent rumor concerns none other than Brad Pitt, who, according to social networks, Facelift.

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He is like someone who has acted in a movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – a film in which his character, nearing fifty, suddenly embarks on a renaissance – had a fountain of youth to rediscover his earlier years.

Rumors are fueled in England by DR Facial esthetician Johnny Betteridge, who posted a video on TikTok in which he attempts to demonstrate the so-called signs of a movie star. Se7en, Fight Club And Mr. and Mrs. Smith Has well and truly gone under the knife.

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To support his hypotheses, Dr. Betteridge compared the photo taken during the Oscars ceremony in 2020 with others from last July when the 60-year-old actor attended the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament in London.

“It was four years ago in 2020 and you can see that it is showing the normal signs of aging. Deep static lines, loss of volume in the eyes and mid-face and slight sagging of the skin in the lower face,” says the doctor.

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“Last year at Wimbledon saw his transformation. Look at how his face changes and how young he looks when you look at him in profile. “You can see the change in the contour of the lower face is really impressive and you can tell it’s related to the lifting by looking for the scars,” he adds, saying that Brad Pitt’s lifting was successful. .

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According to information reported by Rajinda Sandesh, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband reportedly underwent an operation that could cost more than 100,000 British pounds, or about 171,000 Canadian dollars. This type of intervention requires two to three months of recovery, it is clear.

Of course, Brad Pitt has never confirmed having a facelift.

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