Ghosts of New Eden”, a captivating journey through ghosts and dilemmas

Relaxing by the fire allows you to refine your tools but also engage in confession.

The story takes place in the twilight of the 17th century, when two lovers leave the Old Continent by boat for New Eden, a fictional province in Massachusetts not far from Boston. Antia and Red, a couple of “banishers” (a neologism designating exorcists) invade this haunted region, covered by the great forests in which the first American settlements flourished. During the first deadly mission, Antia dies and is transformed into a Spectre, a state she previously hated and hunted.

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An action game is tied to role-playing (combat has a lot in common The god of war), Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on Tuesday, February 13), also offers longer stages during which we examine the colonists encountered during the adventure. Thus the couple moves through the semi-open world, coming into contact with the numerous bellicose ghosts that inhabit New Eden. Both in solving puzzles and in combat, it’s worth regularly alternating between the lovers – two playable characters, separate but complementary.

If the new world is a supposedly virgin territory, the player who enters the reality gradually reveals the evils of the past – in this case, from the colonists whose paths we gradually discover. As such, the first arc of the game is a spectacle that questions the political and intimate violence of community in the process of creation, forcing us to take sides in the process.

Examining our motives and our morals

It mainly revolves around its story and its moral implications Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden clarifies. It goes against the traditional architecture of narrative games that only involve observing, a posteriori, the consequences of our choices. At the very beginning, in the form of a contract, we are asked to choose one of two directions: grant our deceased lover her ascension (and thus bid her farewell) or allow her resurrection (at the cost of the sacrifice of other souls). ). It will then be a matter of confirming or going against our decision. Honoring the contract or betraying it.

In addition to the combat and exploration stages, the player will therefore need to solve “ghost cases”, that is, to investigate the fate of the tormented souls inhabiting New Eden, the land of the plague. They are doubly complicated to solve: first because they confront us with moral dilemmas, the game makes us an inquisitor, responsible for punishing, fatal or not. Then because they are forever questioning us at the foundation of our inaugural decision, scrutinizing our motives and our ethics from start to finish. Because another life needs to be taken to revive our beloved.

The trip to New Eden is not easy but a short boat ride won't hurt anyone.

During an admirably intimate sequence, a pale witch with long white hair curled up in her wooden chair seems to speak directly to the player: “I don’t judge the market. I am concerned about its cost. » Because it is really big business Exile Such exquisite torture to which it readily lends itself, to endlessly ask of us the price we would be willing to pay for love.

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Pixel view

We like:

  • An opening contract that calls into question our entire way of playing;
  • The writing of the characters are all fascinating;
  • The atmosphere is cursed to perfection.

We liked less:

  • Puzzles are not always inspired;
  • Exploring certain areas that are unnecessarily long.

It’s more for you if:

  • You are fond of Edgar Allan Poe;
  • You want to break all kinds of ghosts;
  • You have a Ouija board in your closet.

It’s not for you if:

  • Making even the slightest choice scares you more than a ghost.

Pixel Note:

8 Patrick Swayze out of 10 Demi Moore.

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