Florida Joker quits suing Rockstar over GTA 6 likeness, seeks voice role instead

In a surprising turn of events, Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the Florida Joker, has dropped a lawsuit against Rockstar Games for using his image. GTA VI.

From the first trailer of GTA VI Released in December of last year, fans were dying to see more, already theorizing about what the second trailer would look like and trying to nail down a possible release date of 2025.

However, although the trailer generated a lot of hype, not everyone was happy, as Lawrence “Florida Joker” Sullivan immediately began threatening Rockstar Games with a lawsuit if he wasn’t paid millions for his image used in the game. will start GTA VI It’s said to have been inspired by some real-life Florida incidents and memes, one of which is a photo of Sullivan that quickly gained internet fame looking like DC supervillain The Joker.

Sullivan continued to threaten to sue Rockstar if he was not paid, demanding the full amount over time. He also threatened to blow up GTA VI A hacker is responsible for several leaks before the game’s trailer is released.

He has since gone quiet and is now begging for a voice role in the game. Speaking directly to his followers and Rockstar, he said: “Let’s do the right thing… Let me voice the character… Come on man… I’m the reason this game is so popular right now. ยป

As always, his efforts to get Rockstar’s attention get him nowhere, no matter how many empty threats or tree branches he passes through.

GTA VI For the Xbox series will be launched next year

The exact release date of the game has not been shared at the time of writing, but we expect it to be in the game’s upcoming trailer.

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