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I know many of you have been eager to know more about Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI for short) since Rockstar Games announced it months ago. And I totally understand why, especially given that the game isn’t going to be released until 2025. Suffice it to say that we risk waiting a bit before seeing the gameplay. Meanwhile, GTA VI’s release date was hinted at during Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call, which was changed a few days later, much to the bewilderment of many. But here we are, even if we’re all very excited about the idea of ​​seeing GTA VI come to fruition, some fear that this will hurt other projects.

A Reddit user named GeraltofRivea3 pointed out that several other Rockstar Games projects have suffered setbacks in recent years. It has been reported that Red Dead Online will no longer receive major updates, and sources have claimed that the remaster of GTA IV has been cancelled. We were treated to a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, but some wonder if this wasn’t originally a remake project.

While all of this is speculative, the idea is that Rockstar had to make some tough choices to focus on GTA VI, a resource-intensive game. Some fans are disappointed, like user ExtraRealNice who prefers Red Dead to GTA, while others, like ARandomGuyThe3, are more optimistic and wonder why anyone would be disappointed by the announcement of a new game instead of a remake we already have. .

Personally, I’m all over the remaster for GTA VI. But I admit that I do hope to return to the Red Dead universe one day, in whatever form it takes. I’m sure Rockstar Games knows what it’s doing.

Come on, rewatch the GTA VI trailer just for fun!

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