Esport – League of Legends: In the G2 finals, Jom out of the race

G2 has room

Omnipotent on the continent in 2023, G2 Esports actually looks set to hold the same margin in 2024. This week, the German club really easily qualified for the finals of the winter segment of the LEC – European Championship. League of Legends. In the semifinals on Sunday, Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and his teammates made short work of Team BDS (3-0), yet the only European team that looked consistent enough to compete with them since the start of the season. .

But the Swiss club was unable to do anything against G2, better organized, more versatile draft, smarter on the map… Sparkling, Rasmus “Caps” Winter-Surgeon “Brokenblade” Calic delivered a nearly priceless score to secure a quick victory. Whoever their opponent is, next Sunday, they will start as heavy favorites for the title.

For BDS and his French trio, the journey isn’t over: back on the repechage tree, they’ll face the winner of the Fnatic-MAD Lions KOI on Saturday for the right to revenge.

MAD Lions KOI and Fnatic stay alive

A nice surprise at the start of the year, MAD Lions KOI was awarded this week, reaching the top 4 in the winter segment. The Spanish club crushed Heretics on Saturday (2-0) before inflicting the same cost on Vitality (2-0) on Monday. Already, this result looks like revenge: underestimated by many observers, the team has found its style, aggressive and fast, with five players tuned.

To continue its journey up the draft tree, MDK will face Fnatic next Friday. The Orange and Black were scared to death against SK Gaming (2-1) on Monday. Pushed by their opponents, not necessarily at their personal best, they had to stop two tries. Back door Taking away the third part, synonymous with victory.

Vitality on the floor and S.K

Disappointment for team vitality this week. The French club, who had shown signs of progress in their last outings, completely fell back into their ways against MDK on Monday. Lost on the map and not always coordinated, the Bees suffered especially from the poor performance of Zdravets “Hylisang” Galabov, who conceded eleven kills in 27 minutes during the first game… Early in the season, the Bulgarian’s motivation cost his team more than it brought. .

Also for SK Gaming, the winter segment ended with a top 6. The German club, led by the progressive Joel “Irrelevant” Skarol, came very close to victory against Fnatic, but still made too many mistakes. Gross tempo errors to hope for the best.

For their part, after logical defeats against SK (1-2) and MDK (0-2), Team Heretics and GiantX were untimely eliminated on Saturday. At the start of the season, the two teams were tied for seventh place.

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