Enmanuel Invasion – ‘Shakira’ was stabbed in Diario del Cesar

Owing to an old enmity, this Wednesday afternoon, a young woman aged around 23, popularly known as ‘Shakira’, was stabbed by another woman on the main road of Enmanual invasion in Valedupar.

The assailant identified as ‘La Gata’ intercepted his rival and stabbed him three times in the left leg and one in the stomach with a sharp weapon, injuring her severely and fled the scene on a motorcycle, according to residents of the sector.

The medium was able to learn that the women are allegedly drug users and walk around the neighborhood every day, where they have fought many battles over the micro-trafficking issues that plagued the residents of Enmanuel and the December 25 invasion.

Apparently, on December 31, ‘La Gata’ and ‘Shakira’ had a fight in which the two attacked each other, but it did not escalate. However, the assailant allegedly threatened his opponent and attacked him with a knife yesterday.

The injured woman was taken by the same community on a motorcycle to the Eduardo Arredondo Daza Hospital, San Martin headquarters, where she was stabilized by doctors and then referred to a more critical clinic due to the severity of the injuries.

Neighbors of the Enmanuel and 25 de Diciembre enclaves are asking the national police and municipal authorities to tackle the serious problem of micro-trafficking that plagues the population. There are constant fights, thefts and robberies at residences by drug users who live around the area day and night, and also build shelters that represent a danger to passers-by.

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