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Driven to stardom thanks to the Elvis film, Austin Butler is now starring in the Masters of the Air series thanks to Tom Hanks.

He’s one of Hollywood’s rising stars: Austin Butler will be one of the must-see faces of 2024. We’ll see the actor in cinemas in Dune: Part 2 by Denis Villeneuve and The Bikeriders by Jeff Nichols.

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old American is starring in the Masters of the Air series, produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.

What is Masters of the Air?

Airing on Apple TV+, this epic and stunning series from the collection Band of Brothers and the Pacific tells the incredible story of the 8th US Air Force’s 100th Bombardment Group (“Bloody Hundred”), responsible for bombing Nazi Germany and World War II. Meanwhile its industrial and strategic arsenal sites.

Austin Butler plays one of the main characters, Major Gale Klevan. A role that he credits to Tom Hanks, his playing partner in Elvis, that propelled him to stardom.

Got the role thanks to Tom Hanks

The actor explained The Hollywood Reporter Shortly before Elvis finished filming, in early 2021, Tom Hanks took him out to dinner and offered him Master of the Air, taking time out from Baz Luhrmann to observe him during the making of the film to see if he had the right profile. :

“It was an obvious decision. You have Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, and I’m a huge fan of Band of Brothers, The Pacific and Saving Private Ryan. I knew this opportunity wasn’t going to come around all day, so I I jumped in with everything I could.

From Elvis to Masters of the Air

You should know that Austin Butler only had one week off between filming Elvis and the Masters of the Air! He then went to London where he was held in isolation for ten days, leading him to Donald L. Found time to read Miller’s book and rewatch a few episodes of Band of Brothers and the Pacific.

But one important thing for the actor was to get rid of his Elvis accent for the role of Gal Klevan. He revealed during the show “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” That he had valuable help: “I had a dialect coach to help me not sound like Elvis.”

The transition between Elvis and Masters of the Air was therefore intense for Austin Butler, who also suffered an injury during filming, but the actor was able to meet the challenge with flying colors and shine in the battle series, which already has the first two episodes. Applauded by viewers!

The first two episodes of Masters of the Air are available on Apple TV+, through the platform and via myCANAL.

Find all the series available on Apple TV+.

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