Did ASSE benefit? Laval gives anger

ASSE is the real leader of Ligue 2 BKT. This is evidenced by the programming of BeIN Sport, the main broadcaster of the championship. Enough to make the Greens’ competitors react.

ASSE, beloved of BeIN Sports

After relegation to Ligue 2 BKT, ASSE is very regularly, even automatically, scheduled as prime by BeIN Sport. The main broadcaster of the championship does not hesitate to rely on the popularity of ASSE to increase its audience.

When the final sprint is launched in L2, Stephanois often opens the days of the championship. Enough to be able to put pressure on its direct competitors.

Laval’s clang

Laval captain Jimmy Roy expressed his condolences. Tango was the guest of France Bleu Mayenne this Monday.

Jimmy Roy (Laval) : “Laval at the top of the rankings is probably less dreamy than Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux, Auxerre, Ligue 1 and historic clubs, that’s for sure. Afterwards, we disturb, we like to disturb, it is good sometimes.

Yes, I am attacking the broadcaster. I looked at the TV schedule again, we are going to play Bordeaux, which is a big match for us, we are scheduled for Saturday evening. We play in Auxerre on Tuesday and in Pau before Saturday, and they put us on Saturday evening when they could have put us on Monday evening.

There, it is the biggest derby in the last ten years against SCO where the ranking is attractive, the match is sold out, they put us on Saturday at 7 pm. Well, maybe we are disturbing a little, but … »

A loss that hurts

Jimmy Roy (Laval) : “I’m having a hard time digesting Saturday night’s match (defeat against Bastia). We have to take the lead at half time and we are chasing the score.

Coach wants us to finish our situation. We have many situations. We have to score. We must be more efficient. The most difficult thing in football is to score goals. We also do lots of giveaways. We are punished. We get what we deserve. Quite simply.

For seven or eight games, we are ahead of the expected target. But we don’t win. However, we have a big derby waiting for us. You have to stay positive. I understand when he hisses. We haven’t won at home since September!

Laval focuses on anger!

Jimmy Roy (Laval) : “There are eight games to go. We have to stop looking behind us. We have an important game to prepare for on Saturday (in Angers). The supporters want us to win. They are right. We have to go away from home. .

700 supporters are expected. Ten coaches. I thank them. Everyone talks to me about it. I can’t wait to be there. What is better than these matches?

Derby is hot. That’s good. Something is going to happen during the week. We’ll yell, but that’s fine. There will be a duel. This will be a big match with a lot at stake.

– ASSE: 32 out of 34 times
– AUXERRE: 17 times
– Bordeaux: 15 times
– Anger: 11 times
– AJACCIO: 9 times
– CAEN: 8 times
– Grenoble: 6 times
– ESTAC: 5 times
– LAVAL: 5 times
– Bastia: 4 times
– AMIENS: 3 times
– PAU: 3 times
– GUINGAMP: 3 times
– ANNECY: 3 times
– Roadies: 3 times
– Dunkirk: 3 times
– VAFC: 2 times
– Paris FC: 2 times
– Concarneau: 2 times
– QRM: 0 times

Team (31 matches scheduled)

– Bordeaux: 16 times
– AUXERRE: 7 times
– QRM: 4 times
– Bastia: 4 times
– Valencens: 4 times
– Anger: 3 times
– CAEN: 3 times
– Paris FC: 3 times
– ANNECY: 2 times
– Dunkirk: 2 times
– ASSE: 2 times
– Concarneau: 2 times
– Grenoble: 2 times
– GUINGAMP: 2 times
– LAVAL: 2 times
– Troyes: 2 times
– AJACCIO: 1 time
– Roadage: 1 time
– AMIENS, PAU: 0 times

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