Benjamin Netanyahu says he will take “immediate action” to ban Al-Jazeera in Israel

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced Monday that he wants “ Act immediately Banning Al-Jazeera’s broadcasts in Israel, shortly after parliament passed a law authorizing it to do so.

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Terrorist channel Al-Jazeera will no longer broadcastIsrael. I intend to take immediate action as per the new law to stop the activities of the channel “, said Benjamin Netanyahu on a social network targeting a Qatari channel.

The law, approved by an overwhelming majority of deputies (70 for, 10 against), allows the prime minister to ban the broadcast of content from a targeted channel, but also to close its offices in Israel. The law was passed in Parliament on Monday Jerusalem In the middle of the war against Hamas in the strip presented as part of the texts voted according to the acceleration process. Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu had previously called for the law to be adopted during a plenary session of parliament, according to a press release from his party, Likud. He accused Al Jazeera of “ A propaganda arm of Hamas and actively participated in the October 7 massacre “The Israeli military has repeatedly claimed that Al-Jazeera journalists “ terrorist agents » Associated with the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas and its ally Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

A dangerous and ridiculous lie » For Al-Jazeera

The channel vehemently denied the Israeli allegations and accused Israel of systematically targeting its employees in the Gaza Strip. Al-Jazeera’s bureau chief in the Palestinian Territory, Wael al-Dahdouh, was injured in an Israeli strike in December that killed a cameraman for the channel, which is headquartered in Qatar. The country is also home to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

Qatari television channel Al Jazeera on Monday condemned a possible ban on broadcasting by Israel, calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks ” A dangerous and ridiculous lie “Al-Jazeera One” frenzy campaign » was launched against him by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Law passed, but difficult to enforce

The United States, a close ally of Israel, said there would be a possible ban on Al-Jazeera in Israel ” worrisome ” “ I will refer you to Israel on what they plan to do, but (…) if it is true, such a decision will be relevant. “, spokeswoman for the American executive, Karin Jean-Pierre, said, adding: ” We believe in freedom of the press

This desire to ban Al-Jazeera is not new, reminds our correspondent in Jerusalem, Sami Bokhlifa. It was first mentioned at the beginning of the war. But Benjamin Netanyahu had no means to achieve his goals. His majority in power provides him with the legal arsenal to achieve his objectives. But for its application, it’s easier said than done.

This new law provides for numerous safeguards, particularly bureaucratic ones, which complicate its implementation. Moreover, it is only valid for a limited period: twice 45 days and only during war. This law will expire with the lifting of emergency.

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