Babies’ heads depend on what their mothers eat during pregnancy

As if pregnancy wasn’t already a minefield in terms of prohibition, extra pressure has recently been added to the shoulders of people who are, want to be or are pregnant. It seems that the diet adopted during the famous nine months of pregnancy can have significant results on the face of their baby. The door is open to all kinds of crime.

Interested in this topic, Futurism got its hands on a study in the scientific journal Nature Communications, which suggests that diet, and protein intake in particular, can really make a difference – and determine what the face of a future child will be. will be unfailingly harmonious or, on the contrary, uneven and ugly.

A team of scientists from different countries around the world worked on this hypothesis by collecting and transcribing the genes responsible for the formation of the human face, which allowed them to specifically identify the protein complex, mTORC1. This will be able to act as a cursor to determine the harmony of our features on a scale from zero to Quasimodo.

Protein matter

By conducting experiments on mice and zebrafish, these scientists were able to understand that, during pregnancy, diet can have a direct effect on mTORC1 and specifically its protein content. This will encourage “Subtle but distinct changes in fetal craniofacial shape”.. Clearly, a high-protein diet can promote a more prominent facial appearance than average, while a limited amount of protein will lead to a thinner face with more prominent features.

It is feared that such advertising will force certain companies and certain individuals to start businesses and crusades without which society and pregnant people would have done well. It probably won’t take long for some to be convinced that a high-protein diet is essential for those who want to produce a boy with sperm and assertive features, and conversely, protein should be avoided for those who dream little. A girl with voluptuous features. And attractive.

We may also decide that you don’t care at all and can be satisfied with advice about the health of the unborn baby and the person caring for it. As such, futurism reminds us that alcohol consumption during pregnancy, for example, can have more serious consequences than a simple matter of facial aesthetics.

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