An American food aid NGO announces the death of seven humanitarian workers in Gaza in an Israeli strike.

The body of an aid worker from the American NGO World Central Kitchen is carried by paramedics in Deir al-Balah, Gaza, on April 1, 2024.

The American non-governmental organization (NGO) World Central Kitchen (WCK) announced that seven of its aid workers were killed on Monday April, through a strike it attributed to the Israeli army. WCK immediately announced that it was suspending its activities in the region.

The United States-based NGO clarified in a press release that the victims were “Original from Australia, Poland, United Kingdom (…) and of Palestine » And one of them was of American and Canadian nationality.

The Australian prime minister confirmed on Tuesday morning that one of his compatriots, Zomi Frankcom, was among them. Anthony Albanese praised the work “Extraordinarily Valuable” What was he doing?me Frankcom in the Gaza Strip and assured that his country “Responsibilities will seek to establish”. A Palestinian driver and translator were among those killed, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Addressed its “Sincere Words of Sympathy” To the family of a Polish volunteer who offered help to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, without specifying how he was killed. “I personally asked the Israeli ambassador, Yaakov Liv, for an immediate clarification. He assured me that Poland would soon receive the results of the investigation into the tragedy.”Minister, Radoslav Sikorski said, onIt added that Warsaw planned to conduct its own investigation.

In the United Kingdom, the Foreign Office said it was aware of and investigating reports of the death of a British citizen in Gaza. “Urgent to get more information”.

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The humanitarians had just delivered “Over 100 tonnes of humanitarian food aid transported by sea to Gaza” north of the Palestinian enclave and left the Deir al-Balah warehouse, WCK explained in its press release. “The team was traveling in the non-combat zone in two armored cars and one unarmored vehicle bearing the WCK logo”NGO in detail.

The Israeli army announced “Investigate the tragedy at a higher level to understand the circumstances” And promised to keep “Worked closely with WCK” For the distribution of aid to the people of Gaza. “We will launch an investigation to investigate this serious incident more closely”Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari promised Published on Video X. He added that he had sent his “Too Much Sensation” WCK and expressed himself “sincere sadness” To “Allies (from Israel) who have done and continue to do so much to help those in need”.

The White House says it is ‘disappointed’

“The Israeli government must end this pattern of indiscriminate killing”, urged WCK boss Jose Andreas. Israel, he continued, “The embargo on food aid must end, the killing of civilians and aid workers must end, and the use of food as a weapon must stop”.

The strike, which was blamed on Israel, was also widely condemned around the world. The White House said it had “Broken Hearts”. “We are deeply disturbed by the strike”, said on National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson. “Humanitarian workers must be protected because they provide that assistance (the Palestinians) There is an urgent need, and we urge Israel to immediately investigate what happened.”she added.

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China said “shocked” While recalling that “International Law” should be respected. Beijing “Opposes any action that harms civilians, destroys civilian infrastructure or violates international law”Chinese diplomatic spokesman Wang Wenbin declared.

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“I pay tribute to WCK staff members killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza”The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, reacted. “I condemn this attack and request an investigation”He declared on his account.

The American NGO WCK is particularly involved in sending aid by boat from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip and in the construction of temporary piers in Gaza. The first boat unloaded its cargo there in mid-March under Israeli military supervision.

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