Amapa: A state of health emergency has been declared in Oyapok where there is an epidemic of dengue

Dengue fever has spread throughout Amapa state but the situation has worsened in Oyapok, forcing federal authorities to declare a state of health emergency in the town bordering Guyana.

The Brazilian border town of Oyapoc with Guyana was visited this Thursday by Governor Luis Cl├ęcio, who was accompanied by Senator Davy Alcolumbre. They noted the extent of the health crisis affecting the city where cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (a disease transmitted by the Aedes agt mosquito) are on the rise. Malaria is also present and wreaks havoc in communities.
Two elected officials signed a decree declaring a state of health emergency and triggering a specific number of means of response, including an increase in care units and health professionals, to limit the epidemic. Vaccination procedures will also be intensified.

At the same time, city cleaning operations will be undertaken to effectively deal with larval breeding sites in public and private areas, especially private homes. Food kits will also be distributed to indigenous villages already in dire straits as they are deprived of their source of cassava, their staple food and main economic income, destroyed by the pest.
Oyapok has not seen such a spread of dengue cases since 2019, recording the highest rate in the entire Amapa state. One person died on January 10 due to dengue hemorrhagic fever.
In Amapa state, dengue cases increased by 493% this January. It ranks sixth nationally.
Brazil is facing a very strong epidemic with more than 200,000 cases reported, which represents, according to the Ministry of Health, an increase of 243% since the beginning of 2024.

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