After the accident, she lost €760,000 in compensation due to photos of her throwing a Christmas tree

A simple photo posted on social media can sometimes have unexpected results. A 36-year-old resident of Ennis (Ireland) had a bitter experience recently. Although she took legal action against her insurance company to receive £650,000 (approximately €760,000) in compensation following the accident, the court ultimately dismissed her case. To justify his decision, a Limerick High Court judge relied on a photo of her taken during a Christmas tree tossing competition, reports Irish Independent Broadcast by The Guardian February 25, 2024 Sunday.

Forced to quit the job

“It’s a very large natural Christmas tree that he throws with a very agile movement”, congratulated the judges of the competition. At the same time, the mother of two was seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident on February 3, 2017. A vehicle hit that car from behind.

Since the incident, the complainant asserted that she could no longer lift a heavy bag without experiencing pain, and claimed that she was stuck in her bed for hours. A situation that forced her to quit her job and live on an allowance tied to her disability. Thus the damages claimed from his insurance were related to his past and future loss of income.

Contrasting photos

But a photo of her at a Christmas tree tossing competition held in January 2018 called her story into question. In this photo, we can see her throwing her 1.50 meter pole and winning the competition in the women’s category. It was after the competition that the Irish woman consulted a doctor for her pain.

When quizzed on the subject, the thirty-year-old denied lying about her injuries and assured that she took part in the competition because she “Trying to live a normal life” Despite his disability. A speech that did not agree with the court, which ruled that the plaintiff’s conduct after the accident was “in stark contrast” with their statements.


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