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A floor lamp with a minimalist Ikea design that will light up your living room

Ikea continues to inspire its customers with its decorative ideas. This week, the brand is suggesting a cool ultra-design floor lamp at a low price.

You want to make Warm and cozy environment at home Don’t miss this new floor lamp, ideal for a calm and elegant decoration in all your rooms. This one is available at Ikea for a low price! And everyone fights for it!

Ikea reveals its inspirations

Ikea is a shop not to be missed if you are short Decorative inspiration. Indeed, the brand has plenty of ideas for home decor and decorating.

Thanks to the Swedish giant its full catalogue. Furniture, accessories, textiles or even decorative items… the brand has everything you need to improve your interior from A to Z.

Ikea has a collection of timeless products that everyone needs at home. This is the case of its KALLAX products or its BILLY range which is a hit.

But be careful. The brand doesn’t just offer the basics on its shelves. She also comes out of cLimited collection To attract decorative fans.

This year, Ikea is thinking big and offering lots of new creations. The brand has also decided to expand its lighting department with lots of beautiful, ultra-trendy lamps!

A basic that fits into all styles of decor

Lighting effects can make all the difference in your decoration. Indeed, lighting can warm up a room, enlarge it, or even create a warm atmosphere in the blink of an eye.

There are all kinds of tips to brighten up your bedroom or living room. It is possible to install beautiful ceiling lights or even choose beautiful small lamps.

This week, Ikea suggests another light fixture to improve your home. The Swedish giant puts on the spotlight Floor lamp with legs It is as practical as it is trendy.

This floor lamp stands out thanks to its quiet and very elegant design. It has 3 very pure oak legs. It also has a white fabric lampshade. This allows you to play with textures and colors. And the result is magnificent!

LAUTERS floor lamps also have incredible versatility. And for good reason: it is possible to adjust its height to adapt it to all environments. Not bad, right?

This decorative nugget would be perfect in the living room, in the library or even near your bed. It emits a very soft white light that brings some warmth to your decoration. Guaranteed effect!

Ikea makes a splash with its minimalist floor lamps to improve every room in the houseIkea makes a splash with its minimalist floor lamps to improve every room in the house

Best price in the market

Ikea has got the perfect floor lamp to meet the needs of its customers. In fact, his lamp Lawters A very easy element to integrate into your decoration. It allows you to improve the room without overdoing it.

This product is already a huge hit on the web. It also has a very good rating on the Ikea website. So worth buying without further delay!

As always, the Swedish giant offers a completely reasonable price. Currently available for their lamps 59.99 euros across all its points of sale.

Designer lamps in specialist stores often cost a small fortune. Ikea then makes this object accessible to everyone and offers one of the best prices on the market.

The store also has many other lamps that are both trendy and economical. Do not hesitate to browse its lighting section which promises you many surprises!

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