A Cuban signs on the balcony of his home after being fired from his job

Editorial from CubitaNOW ~ Friday January 12, 2024

After becoming unemployed and without the means of subsistence to feed his children, a Cuban posted a sign on the balcony of his home asking for help.

According to a Cubanet report, “The opposition and former Cuban politician José Antonio Pompa López placed a special complaint in front of his house after he was expelled from his job by the state security order, he assured the aforementioned media.

Pompa Lopez said she was fired from her workplace because of her political stance.

The poster read: “SOS my children are dying of hunger,” and the activist lamented his situation, saying he now has no way to feed his family.

José Antonio told Cubanet: “State security left me no choice but to go to the protest. They left me jobless and my children starved. I have no money to feed them. “The dictator tries to starve me.”

Cuban regrets the helpless situation left to care for his wife and two children, a two-month-old baby and an eight-year-old boy.

“I thought of going to Villa Marista and presenting my complaint there, but no, I decided it would be better to do it here, so that people would know what these slaves are capable of, that the government claims to protect the children, but it is a lie, ” he said.

Jose Antonio has been imprisoned twice for his political activism. Cubanet explained that “in 2016, he was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for protesting in front of the Capitol in Havana. In 2019, he was sentenced again to one year in prison on charges of “public disorder”. Today, state security at Cuban’s home He arrived to demand the removal of the banner.

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