‘You saved me’: He finds an expensive package lying in the middle of the street in Georgia, finds the owner and is surprised

hero. Jeremy Long found the package, delivered it to the owner, and received compensation. Photo: Capture/WAGA-TV. Image: 1/4

He, without expecting anything in return, took the time to find the root of a box he had found minutes before lying on a public street. As a result of his attitude, he received a prize.

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A citizen of the United States found an expensive item wrapped in a package on the street and returned it to its owner, who compensated him for his gesture. The story spread across the network.

Jeremy Long is from Fayetteville, Georgia and works for a local fumigation and pest control company. One day in mid-December, the man was driving his work truck — after a long day of work — when he came across a package in the middle of the road.

Long then stopped the vehicle and got out to check what he had just seen: a rectangular box with an address written on it, which looked like a failed delivery from a courier service.

“I realized the address of the recipient of the package was two or three minutes away, so I decided to pick it up myself,” Long told WAGA-TV.

At that moment, the worker went to the indicated place, towards a house in the area. Once he arrived, he spoke to a boy who was playing basketball at the entrance of the house.

“I think the shipping company’s truck left its back open and this package fell on the street. It has your address,” Long remarked to the boy in question, who received the box and thanked him for the good will.

What was inside the box?

After some time, the boy informed his father – who was not at home at the time – what had happened. The man, Eugene Mooring, revealed that inside the package was an expensive golf club, a Christmas gift from his family.

After her son told her what happened, Mooring checked her home’s security cameras with the idea of ​​trying to identify Long and reward him with money.

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