What you need to know about the expected cicada invasion in spring

A new natural phenomenon will affect the planet this spring. There is talk of a massive spread of cicadas, which scientists predict will plague the United States.

Scientists have identified billions of insect hatchlings in the United States

Areas most affected by the insect’s revelation will be Illinois and Indiana, where billions of cicada broods have been found. These tiny insects, known for their summer song, spend most of their existence underground as larvae. Only after a cycle of 13 or 17 years do they assume their insect form and emerge on the surface of the earth. This change usually occurs with the arrival of spring.

However, this year, billions of chicks will hatch in very close geographical areas, causing a cicada invasion. In short, these insects will dig underground tunnels to escape. Then, they will reproduce. However, despite the impressive number of cicadas that will mate at the same geographical area at the same time, this will not cause new invasions. In fact, these new larvae will remain underground for a 13- or 17-year cycle, but will not emerge simultaneously.

The last cicada apocalypse happened 221 years ago

You should know that there is nothing in common with this spread of germs. In fact, this phenomenon is very rare. Additionally, the last cicada apocalypse dates back to 221 years ago Science focus. “The last time these broods synchronized was 221 years ago, in 1803, and the event is not expected to happen again until 2245.” Scientific means clarifies. However, it is important to note that this invasion is harmful to the planet.

Actually, cicadas are harmless insects that have no effect on humans or fauna and flora. However, they can cause vocal disturbances, given their sonorous song. However, this situation will only be temporary. These insects will soon disappear, although the male, responsible for the famous deafening sound, will die soon after mating.

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