Moscow says it will release the first images of the crash site

The roughly 40-second video shows several shots of a forested area and a snowy field, in charge of an investigation into “terrorism” opened by the Russian Investigative Committee, Moscow. We can see several fallen trees and a large piece of crumpled sheet metal, but no sign of the enormous carcass of the Il-76 military aircraft, which reaches about 50 meters in length.

On the ground, on the snow, the video shows debris that is difficult to identify and the human remains of one or two bodies, indistinct, as well as some traces of blood. AFP could not immediately identify where the video was filmed, or when it was made.

kyiv does not confirm

Russia says Ukraine shot down a Russian military plane on Wednesday with 65 Ukrainian prisoners on board who were due to be transferred that day. In the video released by Russian investigators, none of the elements shown directly attest to the presence of these Ukrainian prisoners.

For its part, Ukraine, which remains cautious about this episode, has not confirmed that the plane was shot down, but has emphasized its desire to target military targets on Russian territory. Ukrainian Military Intelligence (GUR) noted the lack of “reliable and complete information” about the plane’s passengers.

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