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USA.- Devbra ReddenA 30-year-old man with three felony records assaulted a Clark County District Judge, Mary Kay Holthus, when she was sentenced for a charge of attempted grievous bodily harm. The incident, captured on video from the hearing, shows how Redden He insults the judge, lunges at him, jumps on the stand and attacks him.

The attack took place around 11 am. m., prompting the intervention of several people to subdue Redden before knocking him to the ground. During the altercation, an alarm went off for several minutes, alerting others present in the courtroom.

Before the attack, Redden expressed that he was in good shape mental state, with a strong support system and a new job. His attorney requested probation, arguing that Redden had received treatment for mental health issues. However, Judge Holthus decided it was time to try something different.

Red had already threatened “Break his knees” Another man suffered serious injuries in April, and another judge ordered a competency evaluation for him in May. After entering a competent plea in October, Redden pleaded guilty in November, but an arrest warrant was issued in December after he failed to appear in court.

Despite suffering a blow to the head, Judge Holthus is doing well, according to sources, while a bailiff was injured during the intervention.

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A video of the incident has gone viral on social media, raising concerns about court security and handling of sensitive cases. Clark County authorities are reviewing courthouse security protocols to prevent similar incidents in the future.. Judge Holthus, who previously worked in the US Attorney’s Office Clark County District, Attending domestic violence and sexual assault cases, was affected by the attack. Officials are investigating to find out the reasons behind this violent attack.

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