video. A huge 180-ton rock fell from the mountain: a big scare for the inhabitants of Andorra

A landslide occurred this Easter weekend 2024 in Andorra la Vella. The 180-ton rock ended its journey very close to the city center.

On March 31, 2024, Sunday, around 7:30 p.m., a huge rock weighing 180 tons fell from the mountain and landed at the gates of the Andorra la Vella city, reports France 3.

A few meters from the houses

If the residents of the Andorran capital had a big scare, no injuries were reported. The gigantic rock ends its course along the Bonavista Canal, a few meters from the houses.

Destroyed by a landslide “Some Gardens and Walls” In its path, it causes a huge cloud of dust and an impressive noise, according to Actu.

Fell at “high speed”.

“The rock broke off and fell at high speed through the Bonavista Canal, until it landed a few meters away from the urban area, where it remained stationary”The municipality said in a press release.

The situation stabilized

As a precaution, traffic in the area and access to nearby car parks were restricted on Easter Monday.

The first geological tests indicate that the situation is stable and no houses will have to be evacuated, France 3 clarified. Construction of dykes is underway to stabilize the unstable area.

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