Thousands of people in the United States will receive stimulus checks starting this Tuesday

Some seniors living in Michigan may receive additional money as part of the state’s expansion of the tax credit for working families.

The truth is that the first round of payments starts this Tuesday, February 13. In this sense, the average payment will be around $550.00 USD, although each eligible person may receive a different amount.

Therefore, around 700,000 households will receive payments starting this Tuesday, which will continue for the next five or six weeks.

How to know the exact amount to be received?

The Michigan Department of Revenue will notify the difference between the 6% Working Family Tax Credit and the 30% value of the credit. Based on the law passed in 2023, an eligible resident’s 2022 tax refund will also be included here.

All this, with the aim of letting eligible families know the exact amount they will receive.

Additionally, the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, expressed that by quintupling the tax credit for working families, they are returning approximately $550.00 USD to 700,000 families.

According to Whitmer, this benefit directly helps half of Michigan’s children. However, it also affects parents, as they can use this extra money to pay bills, buy food or school supplies.

Meanwhile, those who are eligible will automatically receive a check, so they don’t need to do any paperwork to receive their payment. This is the information that the state has provided through official channels.

However, there are still many people who have many doubts regarding the procedure. If this is the case and you need additional information, you can go directly to the state website.

This, for its part, is located in the Michigan Department of the Treasury. However it can also be accessed by clicking on this web link.

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