The series has officially received its AB

It is official, Our Last Season 2 Will enter production soon. Now that the Hollywood actors and writers strike is over, the project is back on track. As evidence, manufacturers officially advertise who will play the character of AB on screen. Contrary to what fans thought a few months ago, it is not Australian actress Shannon Berry who will be taking on the role. It is about fact Caitlin DeverAt the center of the latest rumours.

She was actually expected to play the second lead role. The actress has distinguished herself in works devoted to television for many years. Best known for her role as Eve Baxter in the sitcom I’m a chef!She then moved on to more serious scores, particularly in Netflix series Unbelievable Or Dopesik on Disney+.

Not a first for Kaitlyn Dever

This isn’t the first time Caitlin Dever has worked with Neil Druckman. Naughty Dog’s game creator had already shared a motion capture studio with the girl while she was playing Nathan Drake’s daughter in the fourth opus ofUnverified. Craig Mazin, co-creator of the series alongside Druckman, explains Diversity :

Our casting process for the second season was similar to the first season: we are looking for world-class actors who embody the spirit of the characters in the original material. Nothing is more important than talent, and we are thrilled to have an actress as acclaimed as Caitlin join Pedro, Bella and the rest of our family.

More news soon

The rest of the cast is not yet known, barring a few exceptions. As Craig Mazin has confirmed, Pedro Pascal and Bela Ramsey will reprise their roles as Joel and Ellie. The events of Season 2 will take place several years after the controversial ending of Season 1. We still don’t know who will take over the character of Dina, also very important to the rest of the franchise.

A hypothesis is to think Cascina Caradonna, which already plays the protagonist The Last of Us Part IIWill keep his part in the series. This isn’t the first time an HBO production has had a video game cameo. We remember Ashley Johnson who goes from playing Ellie in the Games to her mother in the series and Troy Baker who goes from Joel in the Games to being David’s loyal follower in Episode 8.

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