The opening ceremony rehearsal has been postponed

A rehearsal scheduled for April 8 for some boats transporting athletes was postponed due to the flow of the scene.

France Television – Sports Editorial


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Scene on March 21, 2024.  (Stephen de Sacutin/AFP)

It’s not yet a terrible heatwave but the elements are already complicating the organization of the Paris Olympic Games. The rehearsal of the fleet of boats that will parade the Seine on the evening of the opening ceremony on July 26, with delegations of athletes on board, was postponed due to flooding caused by rising river levels. Parisian On Tuesday April 2, the organizing committee (COJO) confirmed the information to France Television.

This test, which concerns only a few boats, is made impossible by the high amount of rain that fell on the capital, causing flow rates that are very different from those expected in late July. A new venture for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, after halving the number of spectators, was announced on 31 January by the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin.

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