The LCS has its first pentacle of the 2024 season, an achievement signed by Berserker, a cloud9 botlaner.

In a match against 100 Thieves, Cloud9’s botlaner Berserker scored the first pentacle of the 2024 LCS season. Excellent with Zeri, he dominated the opponent in a big teamfight, but despite this impressive performance from the South Korean player, Cloud9 could not secure the victory, 100 Thieves eventually winning the game.

Pentacle, more than 9k gold ahead, and necklace

Last night, the fourth week of the 2024 LCS Spring Split continued, culminating in the second day of competition on Sunday, February 11, where eight teams took part in Summoner’s Rift Arena. The match between Cloud9 and 100 Thieves especially captivated the audience, which was marked by the first pentacle of the season in the North American LCS. Approaching half an hour, Cloud9 had a significant lead of around 5k gold. A decisive skirmish broke out near Baron Nashor, where teams fought for control of this strategic objective. Cloud9 quickly took advantage, thanks to Berserker who brilliantly led the onslaught, eliminating 100 Thieves players one after the other.

The South Korean botlaner performed exceptionally well, pulling off a memorable pentacle that gave his team not only the baron buff, but also a significant lead in gold. However, this lead was not enough to seal Cloud9’s victory. After this critical phase, the team made several mistakes, allowing 100 thieves back into the game. The match ended with a thrilling double base race, which was eventually won by the 100 Thieves following an unsuccessful backdoor attempt by the latter.

Cloud9 is having a tough start to the 2024 season. After starting with three consecutive wins, the team quickly declined, piling up losses, suggesting a promising spring split. After a disappointing Superweek, Cloud9 returned to competition on Saturday night, picking up a victory against NRG. However, in their showdown with top-ranked team 100 Thieves the following day, despite a strong effort from South Korean botlaner Berserker, Cloud9 failed to win, conceding their fifth loss this Spring Split.

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