The first pictures of the film are out, it’s really amazing

The first images of the Minecraft movie leak. Here’s what to expect.

Among the many adaptations, there will be bets on a few Minecraft. And yet, Warner Bros. And Mojang dared to take the plunge with a live-action adaptation. Yes, you have to think big for the best-selling game of all time. Enough to provoke a mixture of excitement and disbelief among enthusiasts and neophytes alike. Until now, there was uncertainty about the artistic direction the film would take. But now a recent photograph taken on the sets of the film sheds more light on our expectations..

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Minecraft comes to life in a live-action movie

If we still know little about the film, one thing is certain: we will not be in a normal setting. Now we know what to expect thanks to a set of photos posted on X (formerly Twitter). They show some decorative elements. In fact, we see A tree that looks straight out of the game.

The latter looks very similar An oak tree that can be found in the swamp biome, with vines flowing. If the hero’s appearance still remains a well-kept secret, let’s remember it Jason Momoa And Jack Black Part of the cast, these images assure us that the adventure will not take place in an ordinary setting and honor the spirit of the game. See for yourself.

A Jumanji style story?

If the film was made official a few months ago with very little information. The latter should follow the plot of the game. Except that… as opposed to linear and defined descriptions like that The Last of Us, Minecraft Its survival sandbox is different to nature. In this procedurally generated open world, the ultimate objective is to travel to the end to face the Ender Dragon and save the Overworld. A less direct view but rich in adventure possibilities

In the game, it all starts with gathering wood to build a workbench, then mining for diamonds, which are used to make better tools and magic tables. Armed with this equipment, players must find a way to reach the end, a dimension that appears in the form of floating islands in which the game’s boss is located. A film can adopt a similar narrative structure.

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