The ecological bonus will be reduced by 1,000 euros for the richest households

The decree published on Tuesday also ratifies the “suspension of the support system for electric car rentals” announced by the Elysee on Monday.


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A dealership selling electric cars in Calais (Pas-de-Calais) on December 27, 2023.  (Sebastian Jerry / MaxPPP)

According to a decree published on Tuesday 13 February in the official journal, the ecological bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle for the richest French will increase from 5,000 to 4,000 euros. It will come into effect from Wednesday. The text also confirms “Suspension of Electric Car Leasing Assistance System”The announcement was made by Elysee on Monday.

In late December, the government announced that it was considering reducing the ecological bonus for households “deciles 6 to 10”But this bonus will remain at 7,000 euros (5,000 euros and an already implemented increase of 2,000 euros) for the lowest income half.

Increase support for used electric cars

The decree also specifies “Reduce by 1,000 euros the maximum amount of ecological bonus applicable to the acquisition of new vans for legal entities” And Eliminates the ecological bonus applicable to the acquisition of A new passenger car For legal entities. is also “Ecological bonus for used passenger cars and vans removed”. Furthermore, the decree “The amount of support for electric car leasing for used passenger cars is increased by 1,000 euros”.

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