The catering and hospitality sector demands about 200,000 employees

The catering and hotel sectors are still under pressure. About 200,000 positions remain to be filled, according to Umih Employers Union President Thierry Marks. This labor shortage could have a significant impact on the sector, especially in Paris, with the Olympic Games approaching.

Speaking on the morning of France Information, On Monday April 1, the president of the employers’ union of the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries (UMIH), Thierry Marx, warned of labor shortages affecting the catering and hospitality sector in France. “All France Needs”he said.

And the pressure seems to be mounting as the Olympic Games approach. “We will be tense, even in Paris. In general, we are a little less stressed because the market is a little weaker in July and August, this is common in Paris and other big cities. But overall for the duration of the Games, we are still short of staff. Alerts the starred chef.

In terms of statistics, he estimates that“We still have 200,000 positions to fill across France”, Especially seasonal. “Today, the whole of France is lacking, so you can imagine that Paris is the same thing”.

Major barriers to recruitment in the hotel and catering industry

By revealing the reasons for such scarcity, the speaker gives place “Seasonal Housing Problem” As a major barrier to seasonal recruitment, along with “Population Decline” And “Labor Taxation”. He explains that in terms of remuneration, he does not see any defect, referring to the sector “It is a profession for which the salary has been increased by 16%”. Basically, it looks “Structural Problems Associated with the Taxation of Labour”.

“For a small cafe owner, 100,000 euros in turnover, he has 2,000 euros left at the end of the month (…) Why does someone who is going to join our business have 1,400 euros left? (…) We can explain to him that it is national unity and that it acts like that, but today, it does not allow him to find housing, it does not allow him mobility, and on the 10th of the month, it is open” Terry Marks laments.

because of that” A person who works wants to get his gross salary so that he can enjoy his gross salary and not depend on the employer.” He explains again. Finally, he recalls that this problem is not only related to hotels and catering businesses, But all businesses. “Which means we have a structural problem and not a cyclical one”, He believes.

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