Housing: The plan that Bursa is preparing to come out of the crisis: News

Several avenues are being explored jointly by the Ministries of Economy and Environmental Transition to revive the housing sector, which has been sluggish for several months.

This is one area that has been stuck for many months and which the state is gearing up to help. As revealed by Europe 1, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, together with his colleague of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Christophe Bechu, are developing a plan that should allow France to get out of the housing crisis.

According to information from our colleagues, a new DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis) for small areas should be published in the coming days, possibly after the appointment of a new housing minister. This iterative method aims to revive the rental market, which is currently slowing down, by adding small apartments, a large number of which have been subjected to DPE without ensuring results in terms of energy efficiency.

Boost real unity lease even more

Another issue that Bursi wants to emphasize: the reform of the real joint lease (BRS). While 3.8 million French tax families have benefited from it since the end of 2023, this benefit allows you to own real estate only by buying and renting land, which mechanically reduces acquisition costs. The state wants to open BRS to more people.

After all, the government intends not to put more money into this sector, but to use it better. Currently, housing costs 38 billion euros and 1.6 points of GDP per year compared to only 1 point for most of our European neighbours. This will be the main point of the Pacte 2 legislation, which Bruno Le Maire will introduce soon.

Published at 10:44 am on January 22, Quentin Marchal, 6media

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