Spending less time sitting also increases tension, as does sports

Some studies show that sitting posture increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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An intervention combining counseling and personal goals made it possible to reduce the sedentary lifestyle of older people for six months, with measurable physical benefits over time.

“Lower blood pressure for six months without any effort.” Get up as often as possible » : Fighting a daily sedentary lifestyle has clear physiological effects over time, according to a study published March 27 in the journal Jama Network open. Reducing sitting time is a promising approach to improving the health of older adults »concludes its lead author, from the Kaiser Permanente Research Center in Seattle (United States).

Patients with high cardiovascular risk

The scientists recruited nearly 300 people aged 60 to 89, who were overweight or obese, and who reported spending more than six hours a day in a sitting position. They divided them into two groups. The first was just general health advice without addressing the topic of physical activity. Another benefited from ten coaching sessions, with goals to reduce sitting time, a high desk for standing to work or read, and a physical activity monitor…

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