According to the OECD, the French Nutri-Score is the most effective in Europe

When will Nutri-Score be on a European scale? Negotiations are still stalled, but a new study shows the effectiveness of the French label.



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The French Nutri-Score will be the most effective nutrition scale system in Europe.  (HTTPS://IMAGEBROKER.COM/10126121)

Among the four nutritional labels that exist in Europe, the Scandinavian Key Hall, the English Nutri Lite, the Italian Nutri Repair and the French Nutri-Score, the latter, which we find on food products with the letters A to E. The background, from green to red, looks most effective.

According to an OECD study from Tuesday, February 6, (link in English), which compares the impact of its nutrient scales if applied across Europe, it is the French system of classification that would be the most appropriate. For researchers, Nutri-Score will make it possible to avoid two million cases of non-communicable diseases between 2023 and 2050.

The effectiveness of Nutri-Score was already evaluated by other scientific studies, but what is new is that the OECD has also analyzed its impact on the economy. Its implementation on a European scale will make it possible to save in terms of health costs with a reduction of 0.05% per year.

This will also be a plus in terms of productivity as an informed public about the nutritional value of produce means a reduction in chronic diseases. This reduction affects employment and is estimated at 10.6 full-time equivalents per 100,000 working-age residents.

Spread the Nutri-Score on a European scale

This is one more argument for Nutri-Score supporters, but the game is far from won, as the European Commission proposes mandatory and harmonized nutritional labeling in 27 countries of the ‘Union’ in 2021. However, the project faces hostility from certain agri-food producers backed by countries such as Italy.

For Italians, Nutri-Score would thus be a threat to its specialties such as Parma ham or to one of the mainstays of its economy, Ferrero. It is currently impossible to reach an agreement, with negotiations stalled and European elections blocking all decision-making.

For the moment, the French Nutri-Score remains applicable in seven European countries, notably Belgium, Spain and Germany, but always on a voluntary basis and without obligation for companies.

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