Seven humanitarian workers were killed by the Israeli strike, “a tragic accident”, according to the military.

The vehicle in which employees of the NGO World Central Kitchen were killed on April 2, 2024 in Deir al-Balah, Gaza Strip on April 1.

In a video broadcast on social networks, the roof of the vehicle of the American NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) is seen pierced with a gaping hole, in the shape of a frying pan, instead of its logo: a drone shot would not have had the impact or an explosion. Another vehicle was completely gutted.

Monday 1er In April, seven members of a food distribution organization were killed in an Israeli strike in the center of the Gaza Strip. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, citing security sources, three missiles were fired, one after the other, against the WCK convoy: after the first strike, a group of targeted humanitarians took refuge in another vehicle, before this car crashed into a curve. Wounded, the volunteers were killed by the third strike as they tried to save themselves in the last vehicle of the convoy. The Israeli military said it was targeting an armed man, who the army saw on a truck in the NGO’s hangar, but who never joined the tour.

GPS coordinates are transmitted to the Israeli army

Our convoy was hit as it was leaving the Deir al-Balah warehouse, where our team unloaded more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid brought to Gaza through the sea corridor. », describes the organization in a press release published on its site, specifying that its GPS coordinates were transmitted to the Israeli army so that the convoy could be correctly identified on the ground. Three vehicles, including two armored vehicles, were on their way to the WCK’s logistics center in Rafah, on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, said Sean Carroll, CEO of Anera, the organization’s main partner in the area, in Amman, Jordan, reached by telephone. The convoy was escorted by three security personnel during the journey.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari announced that ” High level investigation » to clarify the circumstances of what is known as “ tragic an accident ” However, the strike is validated by the command room where military and legal experts sit, assessing the risk of collateral damage. Monday’s deadly shooting comes as Israel’s respect for humanitarian laws of war has been questioned in recent weeks before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. was raised. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that the Israeli army had “ Killing innocent people unintentionally “, before adding: ” This can happen during war. »

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