Riot fighting game, a unique experience

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Riot Games has officially named its 2v2 fighting game in development, 2XKOBased on the universe of League of Legends. First announced in 2019, 2XKO has seen sporadic development updates, culminating in a playable demo at EVO 2023.

2XKO: An innovative 2v2 fighting game

2XKO Different from other team fighting games, viz Marvel Vs. Capcom, allowing players to play competitively or cooperatively. Each team consists of two characters, which players can swap at will during combat.

Choose from League of Legends characters

Players will be able to build their team from a roster of characters from across the universe League of Legends. So far, several characters have been revealed, including Ahri, Akko, Darius, and Yasuo, each with abilities similar to what they have. League.

Launch Windows and Availability

Riot is the target for the release of the games 2XKO In 2025, EVO Japan 2024 with a playable demo starting in April. Door-to-door testing is also promised before the end of the year. 2XKO Will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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