North West makes a surprise appearance at Kanye West’s listening party in Paris!

Kanye West fans got a chance to see their idol and his daughter North West at the “Vultures 1” listening party in Paris.

What a nice surprise! North West surprised everyone by running into the middle of the Accor Arena in Paris. MCE was there, look back at this listening session from A to Z!

North West is following in his father’s footsteps

The first child of the union of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West is making a small niche for himself in music. Yes, from her first steps to her performance last night in Paris, she has grown a lot.

As a reminder, the album features Ye Putri’s own voice Cultures 1 By Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign. About that From the title Talking / Once again.

After Beyoncé brought her daughter Blue Ivy on stage for the first time at the Stade de France, it’s Yeno’s turn to do the same. Even if invited North West to sing at the Yeezy ParadeIn March 2020. At the age of 6, he created the show.

Aware of her ease on stage, Kanye West repeated the experience by inviting her to the Accor Arena as part of his audition.y, understand his listening session. therefore, At the age of 10, she arrived this Sunday, February 25, 2024 To get excited about his title.

She showed such ease. Zero way, she came into the center of the room, emptying her usual pit, and Started grooving to her song. All while dancing!

Placed under a single spot of light that served as decoration for the scenery, North West was cheered by a crowd of fans who were delighted to see her arrival. It’s hard not to get excited when she rushes to share His song peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In addition to the advent of the North West, Other stars made the trip to Paris. MCE tells you more!

A listening party full of surprises

Long before seeing North West take center stage at the Accor Arena, Ty Dolla Sign and Kanye West were a little late. In fact, the listening session was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. After a long wait, the room begins to plunge into darkness, smoke begins to invade the floor of the concert hall.

Then, a round shaped light appears. Fans are then anticipating the imminent arrival of the two rappers. Apart from that you have to wait no less 45 minutes before seeing them land.

Impatient, some fans uttered several sentences. as “Macron Resigns” Or “Bianca“, ye wife’s maiden name. Enough to set the scene.

Moreover, the latter quickly forgot the colossal delay (1h45) when Ye and Ty Dolla arrived at Sine Accor Arena. The first note of the carnival sounded. Leaving time for the two rappers to stop in the middle to start the listening party.

For this listening session 1 by Vulture, Ye and T$ were joined by several artists. Like the North West, but not as much. Also present were Freddie Gibbs, Playboy Carti, Quavo and India Love, who appeared on Keys to My Life Sound.

Father of North West Had fun at N****** in Paris. The hit with Jay-Z therefore resonated in the former Bercy, 10 years after their concert in June 2012. That’s it!

In short, Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign set the stage on fire for this last listening party held in Paris. Yes, because there were listening sessions in Chicago, New York, Milan before arriving at the Accor Arena.

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