More waiting days? What does this mean if you get sick?

Sick Leave: More Waiting Days?  What does this mean if you get sick?
Philippe Huguen / AFP Sick Leave: More Waiting Days? What does this mean if you get sick?

Philippe Huguen / AFP

Sick Leave: More Waiting Days? What does this mean if you get sick?

Health – The government has not finished finding ways to put money aside, while the public deficit has spiraled out of control. But despite this context, former minister-turned-majority spokesman for the European elections, Clement Beaune, urged the majority that “Run the Lappin Challenge for Everyday Savings Actions” Which can make the most vulnerable vulnerable. And this Sunday, March 31, he significantly stated that he is not adverse to extending the waiting period for private sector employees.

“The waiting day is a parameter that is often extended or shortened. I think that’s something we shouldn’t go back to.”warned Clement Beau. “It’s important to keep it as it is”He added, in response to the publication of an article by La Tribune Sunday Ensuring that the government is considering activating these levers to save money.

But what is this timeframe and what will it change in concrete terms for these employees? HuffPost Make a point.

Up to six days of waiting

Currently, when a private sector employee is on sick leave, they are entitled to a waiting period of three days. That is, he has to wait until the fourth day to receive Social Security compensation. These first three days are often covered by employers, especially in larger companies.

But today, in its desire to reduce social security costs, the government is considering adding one, two or three waiting days. Keeping this in mind, in any case, for the employee, it will not change much because it is his company that pays back these famous days. Therefore, according to La Tribune SundayThis will save the government a billion euros per year.

100% adverse option for employees

According to La Tribune SundayThis will be in the solution, which cites government sources. The benefit of restoring a form of equity with public service », since the latter agents have only one day of absence, compensation is never paid when they are on sick leave.

But in concrete terms, the idea is far from exciting companies that take a very dim view of this potential transfer of charges.

In the case of extending the deadline, the boss has proposed another solution that is more beneficial to him: ” Disadvantages of public order “Waiting these days” No refunds », explains franceinfo Eric Chevy, vice-president of the Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CPME) in charge of social affairs.

A 100% no-nonsense solution for employees who will not be compensated for several days, whether through health insurance or the employer. Eric Chevy sees this as a way ” Make stakeholders accountable on the topic and ” Comfortable work stoppages » In French companies.

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