LEC Spring Split: BDS Moves Closer to MSI, Classic Turns into Correction

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Team Vitality vs Team BDS: Baron Nashor, Vitality’s worst enemy

The first BO3 of the evening between the Winter Split and the vitality compared to BDS who are slowly getting back to their level of play from the previous split.

For these first match drafts, there are no surprises other than the two champions who are a little less repetitive in the meta, Karzee’s Ezrael and Nuk’s Syndra. The beginning of the game is good for vitality, the bot duo dominates its subject, Hylissang’s Braum lets you deal with BDS attacks in peace. In the wake of the Carzzy/Hylissang duo, Vitality leverages game phases to its advantage. BDS errors are well punished, The gap begins to widen. After capturing Shion in his forest, Vitality secures Baron Nashor and takes control of the match for good. BDS defends a bit, but doesn’t make a big mistake in suggesting a vitality comeback. A few minutes later, another Baron Nashor is protected by a life force which they use to end the match at 31 minutes.

As with the first meeting, the initial vitality went perfectly. Douglas surprises Nuk with a very good gank in the midlane, Photon gets a kill in a 1v2, thanks to his great outplay from Jace. After 10 minutes of play, Vitality has a 2,000 gold lead. BDS resumes and skirmishes/ganks continue on the map. Midgame kicks in and once again Vitality makes big mistakes. In the 20th minute of the game, Photon is killed on the boat by Adam, Shio and Nuk, Vitality decides to take on Baron Nashor. The problem is, with Jace dead, they lack the damage to complete the objective quickly. BDS arrived in time to his rescue, Lebrov steals Nashor And Vitality 3 more players lose. After that, BDS no longer allows game controls. BDS manages its midgame well (better than vitality), Nuc’s team takes its time, chaining dragons and towers. BDS ends up winning with the Pentacle of Poison D Ice After luring the vitality to Baron Nashor. BDS equalized with this win in 28 minutes. Vitality didn’t know how to play well with his poke composition against BDS who didn’t hesitate to attack him.

For the third time in a row, Vitality won the opening game by a wide margin. Vitality manages their lane phase better and moves better on the map. We arrive at neutral objectives and in greater numbers first. After 20 minutes of play, Vitality has a 5,000 gold lead. Once again, it is during the midgame that League of Legends will lose its vitality. After taking t1 mid by BDS (23rd min), Vitality wants to punish too much and it ends up being a team fight that is too forced. result, Vitality loses many players and offers Baron Nashor For BDS. If the vitality conservation is better in the minutes after that (despite the Pentacle from the Huey de Nuke), Hylissang and Co. Once again Barron will throw the game at Nashor. We let Shio approach the pit in peace. BDS Jungler comes in, and wins 50/50. After a clean ace, BDS won in 34 minutes.

Thanks to this win, BDS qualified for the Upper Bracket Finals, Securing a place on the podium in the process. MSI significantly increases the chances of qualifying BDS. For its part, Vitality awaits its future opponent in the lower bracket, Looking forward to the match between GiantX and MAD Lions.

Fnatic vs G2 Esports: G2 Playoff Mode activated

New Classic in LEC between Fnatic and G2 Esports. With G2 coming off an average regular season (in G2 standards), we had little hope of seeing a close matchup between the two historic LEC structures.

For this first match draft, Fnatic opts for bot aggression with Ashe/Rumble. Opposite, Caps ejects Aurelian Soul.

The first 20 minutes of the match were bloody between the two teams, with a lot of fighting all over the map. Yike is in great shape and his ganks are deadly for Fnatic. In this bloodbath, it is G2 that comes out on top. The reigning champions are slowly slipping away (Through better farming, but a bit more killing). In the midgame, a team fight continues between the two teams. So this is the right terrain BrokenBlade’s Renekton makes the difference. The G2 is more in place, they get to objectives/collision sites faster and in greater numbers. The match goes away and after the first nashor, G2 wins easily in 26 minutes. Caps’ Aurelian Sol and BB’s Renekton were the main architects of the G2 victory in this match.

Some advice if you are Fnatic fans, don’t watch game 2. Another encounter between the two teams turns into a lesson. Razork doesn’t seem to be in the game, and all of Fnatic is collapsing. The match quickly turns into a correction. Fnatic is in no position to defend their midlane. G2s do not hesitate and Use the Herald to run towards the opposing alliance. In 21 minutes of play, G2 ended this Clasico with humiliation.

The G2 Upper Bracket qualifies to the finals And will face BDS like Winter Split. for its part, Fnatic awaits their opponent in the lower bracket (winner of SK against Heretics).

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