Kondo game creator posted a note outside Roblox HQ asking them to stop banning his games

Rishabh Sabharwal

Roblox Kondo game maker has left a note outside the company’s headquarters demanding a ban on their games. Here’s what the note said.

Roblox is the go-to metaverse platform for game developers because of the huge library of experiences and games it hosts. Blox Fruits, Doors, Brookhaven RP and many more games are available on the platform and are enjoyed by gamers all over the world.

Classic Brookhaven RP coverRoblox

Brookhaven has quickly become a top roblox experience.

The platform also has its dark side, condo games that violate Roblox Corporation’s terms and conditions and take advantage of the user base with sexual and explicit content. Due to the platform’s strict moderation rules, these games and their creators have been banned indefinitely.

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A developer who has seen his games banned by Roblox has taken matters into his own hands, going so far as to leave a note outside the headquarters requesting that devs stop doing so. Read the note and see how the playerbase responds to it here.

The Kondo game creator left an absurdly demanding note outside Roblox HQ

An anonymous Kondo game creator left Nonsense note Outside the Roblox headquarters in San Mateo, California, USA, demanding the company ban their explicit games. In the note, they wrote, “Remove 11PLR update”, followed by their Discord server link. Additionally, they said, “U pachin my s**t lowkey stop” and mentioned two hashtags that said, “jeishilost20$” and “justiceforspongebob”.

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A fun smiley face was also drawn on the note, as it stuck to the Fanatics logo. Upon seeing the note, the player community turned their comments around, with one player saying, “They also put the note on the wrong logo.”

“He deserved it in the first place, why is he bro yapping to get banned,” quipped another. “This is because they want Kondo Games to grow and become popular, or so I thought,” wrote a third user. A fourth commented, “The fact that he has done this is a happy hope that he will ban Parma from the platform.”

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Although Roblox is affected by hundreds of these unethical games, developers have measures to protect their users by implementing new anti-cheat and moderation rules.

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