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Jump ship It prides itself on frictionlessly alternating between ship stages and exploration stages, on foot or in a jetpack. Aboard their ship, players agree on their next destination, then operate the system; Generators to reconnect, modules to install, potential fires to put out in case of enemy attack, shuttles to be taken care of. As for the exploration stages, players usually have to disable jammers or recover resources before resuming their epic space epic. The first gameplay render shows that Jump ship It will also feature hybrid stages where players can magnetically cling to the ship’s walls during aerial encounters to use their personal weapons or repair damage to the hull in real time.

Towards infinity, perhaps beyond

This is the base. Jump ship Throughout the adventure encourages you to use its mechanics to repair your ship, adapt it in real-time with loot found during exploration, or propel yourself in a jetpack to sabotage enemy ships from within. Apprentice pilots also have to navigate between asteroid fields (or other random phenomena). Keepsake Games makes it clear Jump ship Players will not be restricted to specific classes or roles and everyone will be free to equip themselves however they want to complete missions. Cooperative play is strongly encouraged, although solo play will be possible.

Jump ship Will release on PC on an unspecified date.

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