Japanese woman who can lose weight with 5 minutes of daily exercise

calls him Zero training method and has Millions of followers Worldwide. Tomomi IshimuraA personal trainer and yoga teacher, she has merged various disciplines to create the method she teaches in her Center in New York And based on that Correct body posture To shape the figure and Thin tax. In addition Remove weight What you give up, you will receive Harmonize All parts of your body – neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs – until you reach what she says. Zero position. Tomomi’s Manual for Your Effective Practice Training plan It is published in Spanish –The Zero Training Method: Get a Slim Figure in Just 5 Minutes a Day (And with Little Effort)a Best seller Which is already oversold 1 million copies in Japan– and it’s a great guide for learning how to study it, although you can follow it as well Classes on YouTube.

Japanese that helps you lose weight, stylize your figure and relax in 5 minutes

Tomomi says that Zero training method It is especially indicated for people who Losing weight despite exercise is difficult And for which Feel the swelling or suffering muscle pain. As she explains herself, “With the passage of time and as a result of some Bad postural habits And with the constant pressure to which we subject it, our body becomes sluggish, which leads to Let’s burn less fat And that we It costs more to lose weight. To reverse this process, we have to return the body to it natural statePosition 0.” This improves blood circulation, strengthens ABS, promotes weight loss, reduces swelling, improves silhouette and posture, etc. In addition, it also has Benefits for the mind: “The zero posture for the mind involves returning to a calm state free Anxiety, dissatisfaction and stress. A mind that feels light as if it has grown wings,” explains Tomomi.

5 Keys to This Japanese Woman’s Zero Training Method

You will need to practice it 1 yoga mat, 3 large towels and 5 or 6 books. There is only one thing you have to do Sleeping on the face And do six simple exercises (5 stretches + 1 toning exercise). The keys to this zero training method are:

  • All exercises can be done in position Lying down So, you can do it even if you feel tired.
  • Exercises are done by yourself body weight.
  • This breath It’s key: breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth helps us relax.
  • Exercises are mainly focused relax First the joints and muscles and later, Tighten them.
  • Daily exercises should be done meanwhile Four consecutive weeks If we want to note its benefits.

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